GülçinErgül.Gen.TR (= Cup Cakes =)

Biography (Eng)

Gülçin Ergul was born in 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is the youngest daughter of the family.
Yet she was a signorina, she always had a great interest in arts. While she was a piano student at Pera fine arts school, at the same time she was also performing at the AKM State Company Chorus and Children Ballet Company . When she had first stepped at the challenging stage of AKM State Opera and Ballet Company, she was only a 8 years old promising young ballet dancer who then took place in famous ballets and operas such as Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, King and I, Turandotte, The Happy Prince, The Ears of Midas etc. The potential in her, came to light within a very short time and got recognized by others. That’s where she had discovered herself in the mirror and decided to take a giant step forward on her stage career by studying ballet dancing in the secondary and high schools at MSGSU conservatory. While still being the undergraduate student , Gulcin decided to improve her contemporary dance skills in the contemporary dance section of the same conservatory and all her dreams were about being a creative dancer. She has worked with more than 40 dance teachers and choreographers from all over the world.
Gulcin has become the lead singer of a girl-band called HEPSI, officially in 2005. Since then, she produced 3 successful albums and one Pepsi Single along with a Pepsi commercial together with the band. Being trained as a professional dancer, capable of composing choreographies, she was passionate to be a talented singer and was a rising actress after she has begun her acting career in 2006 with a movie “Kısık Ateşte 15 dakika “. Then she acted in a TV series of 51 episodes, “HEPSI 1”. She successfully performed a forgetful, funny, “real blond” who appeared to be the favorite character in the show.
She always has been interested in writing lyrics and music while improving her singing skills taking private jazz vocal lessons. She is also very fond of singing soul, R&B and Blues. She is interested in yoga and reiki as a spiritual person who is very much into books and is an absolute naturist.
In 2009 she confirmed that she has left the band. Her new solo maxi single ”Bravo” , which consists of songs with her own lyrics and compositions, is going to be out on January 25th, 2011. ”Ara Ara” , the first video of this single, will be aired on January 19th, 2011 on local and international TV channels

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